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Hope you enjoy these. Jeff Beck has been around for a long time and is one great player. Imogen Heap blows me away with her styling.

Bo knew how to rock, a little bit of attitude some sexy girls and he had them screamin’. The “dead” blew my brother and I away in 1967. Brother was already a good guitar player at 15. He and Jerry Garcia talked Stratocasters before the show.

Some of the best players alive doing an old blues tune.

This tune and album knocked me out in “67”. So many great blues tunes played and sung by the best.

Watch your Grandmas scream like little girls (they were) rocking out to Bo. Hang in for the 2nd song. You’ll be glad you did. One of a kind.

My brother and I were fortunate to see the “Dead” live at the “Music Box” in Omaha. They opened with “Turn on your love light”. Still the best party band I have ever heard.